How to get the right size online

May 21, 2014 0 Comments

Shopping clothing online is fun, you get to choose from wide-range of designs, compare prices & never again you have to search high & low for that lovely skirt to saw on TV.

But the truth is, getting the right size online is the frustrating part.

So how can you get the right size the first time you shop online for clothing? Follow these two steps below and you can find the perfect size for you in a minute:


1) Know your measurements!

Most of the time we will pick-up the measuring tape and start measuring ourselve but all the sizing chart provided is the size of the item not the person! So what can you do instead? Go to your wardrobe, choose something that fits you perfectly and start measuring that item.


2) Know how loose / fit you want the item to be

Let say you found out the blouse that fits you perfectly has a waist of 32 inch and according to the sizing chart the blouse you wish to purchase is 33 inch. Should you should get it?

  Yes & No.

Assuming the measurement you got is from the old blouse that fits you perfectly and you want a "loose" fit, yes definitely, get it! But if you want it to show your figure perfectly, it's better for you to get something similar. 


*Note: If you choose a size without measuring yourself, chances are you won't get the perfect fit for that item. This is because different brand manufactures their clothing based on different size measurements. Size "s" from Brand X might be a size "m" in Brand Y.  


By the way, you can find our sizing chart here

Happy Shopping!

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