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Made in Malaysia

At TOPGIRL we have a "Made in Malaysia" collection. This collection consists of all the blouses that are, like the name suggested, made in Malaysia! 

What so special about our made in Malaysia blouses?

Most of these blouses are made using high quality European cotton & all of them are hand-stitched by professionals within Malaysia.

If you're a person attentive to detail, you can notice every stitching of these blouses are precise and beautifully done.

If they are so good, why are they just priced below RM100?

If you are a frequent shoppers at all kind of clothing retail shop from high-end to low-end, you'll know that for such material, craftsmanship and design, it should be priced between RM200 to RM300.

So then, why below RM100

This is because at TOPGIRL, we have dedicated ourselves to make our fashion items affordable and as a responsibility as a Malaysian business to lend a small helping hand to our country's economy.