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October 18, 2014

TOPGIRL now open at 4th floor, Quill City Mall!

We are OPEN!

Good news ladies! Now we are opened at 4th Floor, Quill City Mall! Quill City Mall is a new lifestyle mall located along Jalan Sultan Ismail with shopping, dining and entertainment attractions. It's definitely your new shopping destination in KL.

So if you live near Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL?

Don't forget to drop-by Quill City Mall to support us. 


You can locate us via Google map


Do you have any questions?

Do feel free to drop us some comments below and we'll reply you as soon as possible :)

October 03, 2014

Give us your ideas!

Looking for a certain blouse, pant or skirt ? Or simply have some ideas you love to share with us or maybe a question you wish to ask us for some time.

Don't wait anymore, we are here to listen!  All you need to do is send us an e-mail at
October 02, 2014

Two new outlets opening soon!

*Photo of Melaka outlet


For those who wish we have more outlets? Wait no more! Because there are two more outlets coming soon!

The new outlets will be opened at these two locations:

1) Quill City Mall, Kuala Lumpur - October 2014

2) IOI City Mall, Putrajaya          - November 2014

So stay tune @ our website! We'll make another announcement when the new outlet is opened!



May 21, 2014

How to get the right size online

Shopping clothing online is fun, you get to choose from wide-range of designs, compare prices & never again you have to search high & low for that lovely skirt to saw on TV.

But the truth is, getting the right size online is the frustrating part.

So how can you get the right size the first time you shop online for clothing? Follow these two steps below and you can find the perfect size for you in a minute:


1) Know your measurements!

Most of the time we will pick-up the measuring tape and start measuring ourselve but all the sizing chart provided is the size of the item not the person! So what can you do instead? Go to your wardrobe, choose something that fits you perfectly and start measuring that item.


2) Know how loose / fit you want the item to be

Let say you found out the blouse that fits you perfectly has a waist of 32 inch and according to the sizing chart the blouse you wish to purchase is 33 inch. Should you should get it?

  Yes & No.

Assuming the measurement you got is from the old blouse that fits you perfectly and you want a "loose" fit, yes definitely, get it! But if you want it to show your figure perfectly, it's better for you to get something similar. 


*Note: If you choose a size without measuring yourself, chances are you won't get the perfect fit for that item. This is because different brand manufactures their clothing based on different size measurements. Size "s" from Brand X might be a size "m" in Brand Y.  


By the way, you can find our sizing chart here

Happy Shopping!


May 20, 2014

Made in Malaysia

At TOPGIRL we have a "Made in Malaysia" collection. This collection consists of all the blouses that are, like the name suggested, made in Malaysia! 

What so special about our made in Malaysia blouses?

Most of these blouses are made using high quality European cotton & all of them are hand-stitched by professionals within Malaysia.

If you're a person attentive to detail, you can notice every stitching of these blouses are precise and beautifully done.

If they are so good, why are they just priced at RM85.90?

If you are a frequent shoppers at all kind of clothing retail shop from high-end to low-end, you'll know that for such material, craftsmanship and design, it should be priced between RM120 to RM200.

So then, why RM85.90? 

This is because at TOPGIRL, we have dedicated ourselves to make our fashion items affordable and as a responsibility as a Malaysian business to lend a small helping hand to our country's economy. 

April 18, 2014

Malacca Outlet

For those who frequent our Semua House outlets for years, it should dawn upon you that it is not an outlet with the best interior designs.

This was not the case when it was first opened ! Most of the retail outlets back then was not fancy-decorated like today. 

For our Malacca outlet it's a totally different story. Unlike our outlet at Semua House which look slightly classical, our Malacca outlet is far more modern and classy! It might not be the best out design out there but we are certainly proud of it!


For those who lived far away from Malacca here are some photos of our Malacca outlet!

The Exterior of Malacca outlet


The interior view of Malacca outlet


*Love us and want to say hi or have any feedback? Just drop us an e-mail at :)

April 14, 2014

Feedback Accepted

We've just created an e-mail for anyone who want to provide us with any feedback!

Yes, that's right! An e-mail dedicated solely to receive feedback!

If you have any feedback for TOPGIRL, feel free to drop us an e-mail at -!